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studio day vs slot booking

Our aim is for you to get amazing images! Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to taking pictures of models, whether it be totally for fun, to earn money, for recognition, to enter competitions and so on. The main ways are studio days, workshops – sometimes wrongly called group shoots (which can be very uncontrolled and confrontational as people fight for the models attention!) and slot bookings – our events are properly constructed to give everyone a fair go. We only have 4 photographers at a studio day or workshop, this allows the whole event to run smoothly with everyone getting maximum shooting time and results! Click the link for more info about our workshops

Please note : if you want someone to set up the lighting, a model to do all the posing, and then you just press the shutter button without any input to the image, you need another studio as we encourage active participation with your finished image.

We don’t do slot bookings, if you want to book a model for 1 hour without any help or assistance and the same lighting set-up that’s been there all day – we are not for you. We do provide studio days and workshops and 4 hr assisted one2one and two2one’s though!

We don’t rent a massive studio – how much room do you really need for a 9ft backdrop and a model? We use facilities and equipment that you can apply at your own home! So if you want a cold aircraft hanger and 20 lights – we are not for you.

We don’t use unnecessary props – your model should be the focal point of an image! The girl in underwear playing a musical instrument, wearing a trilby, surrounded by smoke – is really not what we’re about. Accessories are a different matter, a good fashion shot with correct accessories is cool! A fitness shot with minimum accessories – hand wraps, maybe a punch bag – is cool.

SLOT BOOKING : where you book a time slot, usually 1 hour, for around £65.00

advantages :

you are totally alone with your model.

no-one can copy your ideas

there’s no-one watching you


dis-advantages :

it costs on average £65 and you rarely get an hour!

you have very little help with lighting (if any)

there is no planning attached to your booking

you are dependant mostly on your models’ skills

there’s no time for locations

you have no-one to discuss ideas with

you have no-one to share images with at the time

there is no social interaction at all

you would get probably 30 – 40 mins shooting after clothes changes etc.



advantages :

a two2one with 1 other photographer is just £125 – for 4 hours!!!! 

workshops are 10am – 4pm with 1 hour lunch, with just 4 photographers, and timed one2one’s – that’s £125 for 5hrs working!

a professional (38 years experience with models) there to make sure it all goes smoothly

the day is planned in a way to give maximum shooting time and diversity of images

plenty of help with lighting

easy to ask for scene changes to suit yourself

there’s plenty of time for locations

social interaction with 3 other photographers

share techniques with others

discuss equipment and try other makes and lenses

plenty of assistance with getting the best from your model

time to assess your images as you go, enabling you to make adjustments and progress

works out to over 2hours total actual shooting time plus all the advantages of interaction with others!


dis-advantages :

you don’t have time totally alone with your model



STUDIO DAYS & WORKSHOPS : 4 photographers and a model (of our usual high standard of course!) 10am-4pm with 1 hour lunch (which you provide yourself, we’ll provide tea & coffee) this allows more shooting time and individual assistance. All studio days & workshops incorporate timed one2one’s with our model to ensure equal opportunity per photographer. Enjoy the social learning advantage too, chat to others about camera’s, lighting, get tips from how others work etc. etc! These events are aimed at the serious photographer looking to progress and work with models, assistance available when required.

OUR AIM : Constructing an Image – we can supply all the pieces of the puzzle, we can assist you to put them together – but it’s down to you to provide the end result for yourself! Our aim is to provide the means for you to get your best images ever! With workshops and private, assisted one2one and two2one events with top models, studio facilities, lighting equipment (profoto – fast enough to freeze liquid in motion perfectly!), locations & assistance! Our events are centered around the model and atmosphere being the whole product, so as we’re not big fans of loads of unnecessary props make sure our purist style suits you before you book an event!

To support these aims, I do my best to supply models that are capable of expression and can deliver an image with atmosphere. I also try to hire models that take very little post-processing as I see the art being in the photography, not in the post processing – which I can see the purpose of in some applications – however my main aim is the photograph, you can edit as you wish the images you take.

There’s a different approach to shooting art and shooting for awards/competitions – one has rules, the other doesn’t, art is in the mind of the creator only, no-one else can judge the result except to like it or dislike it. We lean towards the art side, however, I know a bit about the other side too and we have had many competition awards earned our attendees!

For : photographers of all levels of skill and experience, beginners – we’ll help! Pro’s – we’ll assist you!


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