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Workshop deposit £65.00 

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Please read about Photographer satisfaction: how we provide equal opportunity to all attendees

It’s your choice whether you book an event with me so please read about how I conduct private events to ensure that you agree with my policies, if you don’t, you should not book an event.

Disclaimer T’s & C’s and code of conduct : website link – it is in your interest to read these, as by accepting a booking you are also accepting the T’s a& C’s!
We reserve the right to cancel a photography event at our discretion within 7 days of the advertised date, with full refund of payments made. Should circumstances dictate that we need to change the model within 7 days, you have the option to cancel with refund or carry your deposit to another event.

Deposits can be made through PayPal or Bank Transfer, final amount by cash, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Photographers Bookings brief T’s&C’s see website for full conditions  : 

  1. Deposits will be requested approx. 21 days before the event, this is to cover our obligations regarding cancellation to the models involved.
  2. if you have not paid a deposit by 14 days before the event we reserve the right to cancel your booking.
  3. 14 days notice is required to cancel a booking and obtain a refund of any deposit paid. Cancellations inside this time will result in forfeit of deposit unless I can re-sell the place.
  4. A deposit made soon after your booking being accepted will secure your place. Where there are multiple payments, each payment shall be treated as a deposit. Full payment may be requested up to 21 days before the booked date.
  5. Once a deposit has been made, it falls under the conditions of (3,4) above and 5 days cancellation notice is required before the event date otherwise the full price for the event will be charged.
  6. Should you have paid your deposit and find you are unable to attend within the 5 day period, you may request that I sell the remainder of your place to avoid further costs.
  7. Failure to attend on the day of the event that the deposit has been paid for, will result in the final payment being charged.
  8. Inclement weather : PRIORITY CLAUSE : If the model(s) turn up they will be paid out of the deposits unless other conditions are decided upon, we have a commitment to pay models if they turn up – not out of my own pocket.(a) If the model(s) turn up it will be assumed that everyone else should be able to also, and the appropriate terms above on non-attendance will apply, extreme mitigating circumstances may be taken into account(b) If we cancel the event at the last minute and models are not paid (refer to our models cancellation terms) your deposit will be carried to another event of your choice. (c) In the event of extreme mitigating circumstances we may decide to mediate by offering you a last-minute place on another workshop.
  9. Because of the constant demand for new models, I have to take chances on the quality of the models booked as I have not worked with most of them previously, as such I cannot be held responsible for a poor show, I do my best and research models and their ability thoroughly.
  10. Props : Remember this is a group not an individual event, I’m trying to find a way to be fair to everyone regarding props, so let’s try this for now – you may use props as long as the model doesn’t have a major change to her clothing, it is done in your own allocated time and the prop must be presented at the start of each set and made available to everyone.