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Photographer and Model Satisfaction:


A photographer or models’ best attribute is humility.


Running workshops is hard enough, allowing for alpha males and egos is the toughest part! Please, sit back, contain yourself and let me get on with it, I’ll ask if I need help thanks! Refining my workshops for many years has helped to provide a fair and satisfactory event, representing good value for money. Following these guidelines will help :

Suggested Code of Conduct updated 12th July 2023

My primary aim is to provide a first class experience for all so that everybody goes away more than satisfied and would happily book or recommend future events. To this end I have consulted with a number of model and photographer attendees, as well as drawing upon my own extensive experience of model photography (37 years as a pro working for most of the UK’s top agencies amongst other clients) and running similar events, to put together a Suggested Code of Conduct.  
I appreciate that we’re all different and whilst some of us are outgoing and confident, others are more reserved. The Code will hopefully engender a spirit of mutual respect and fair treatment for all, resulting in a smooth running, productive and enjoyable event, with the model(s) feeling comfortable and all photographers receiving equal time and contact with the model(s).      

The Code consists of the following guidelines, which are all pretty self-explanatory and generally just good professional etiquette:

You are all decent, respectable people, this suggested code will be second nature to you, giving everyone equal opportunity and a good event

  1. Please treat the model with courtesy and respect at all times. Visiting the models social media and PurplePort profiles will help you to be aware of her levels, this will avoid any uncomfortable moments. If you are in doubt, ask me on the day and I’ll consult our model.
  2. Unless the model initiates it or invites you to do so, ‘hugging’, ‘kissing’, ‘touching’, or invading the model’s personal space is to be avoided.
  3. Flirting, discussing romantic matters or being sexually suggestive with the model(s), whether overtly or through the use of innuendos (double meanings) is not necessary.
  4. The model, at her/his discretion, may choose to give you their contact details; pressing for details over and above those provided just makes everyone uncomfortable.
  5. Contacting the model before the event to ask for specific clothes, props, hair styles or make up is to be avoided, it’s a group event not a personal one2one booking. For a co-ordinated request from all, please pass any requests through me.
  6. Any model or photographer that feels threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe as a result of anything, or anyone at the event, please refer the matter to me as it may be a simple misunderstanding; if needs be, we will take further action against any offender.
  7. Please treat each other with courtesy and respect; leave your ego at home. Please and support and help each other – it’s a team effort, not a competition. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with someone or something, speak to me – it’s my responsibility.
  8. Each photographer shall be given time to establish the correct exposure, then 1-2 shots to check the result and correct before their time starts. If you are not sure of your camera settings or anything else, please ask – I’m happy to help and want you to have the best possible experience.
  9. Photographers will normally have timed one2one slots with our model. Please respect the photographer’s allocated time and avoid taking shots from the side-lines or over their shoulders. When applicable, such as fashion on location, there may be times when a number of photographers shoot at the same time; these instances will be clearly highlighted.
  10. Time begins when the photographer has confirmed correct exposure and ‘engages’ the model, either by instruction, or by taking shots. This will prevent people speaking for 5 minutes before their shoot begins. Timed one2one’s are described as ‘time in interaction with the model’ – not ‘time pressing the shutter’.
  11. Asking for ‘just one more shot’ at the end of your allocated slot is not allowed – it eats into everybody else’s time slot and is therefore unfair to your fellow photographers.
  12. After your time is up, you can show the model your images for 1 minute while the next person is getting ready to start. You will have plenty of additional time during the event to get feedback on your images, from your model, as we understand that this feedback is important.
  13. There will be more than one opportunity to shoot the arranged set-up as we will have several turns, this gives you chance to assess your images and refine them for your next turn.
  14. While we are discussing the next set-up, the model will be included in this discussion and therefore avoid distracting or asking her to do ‘a couple more shots’ for one person, or showing pictures. We all shoot together or not at all.
  15. Please do not ask to take photos of the model, or show her images during her break or lunch, let her eat in peace!
  16. As the models are paid by us (Mick Payton Studios), they are subject to our care and hospitality. In the unlikely event of you having a problem with the model, please refer the matter to us; it is my responsibility.
  17. More than one person giving information is confusing and not productive, so please give me priority, I don’t need an assistant, I do my best to have knowledge on hand and work hard at providing this experience, please treat me with respect by avoiding talking over me.  If someone asks for your input then by all means give it.
  18. Our models safety and welfare are my responsibility while she’s here, and my concern while she’s travelling. Should you be able to offer the model a lift, approach me not our model, and I will organise it.
  19. Our models working comfort is my responsibility, she is hired and paid by me and is under my care, therefore she will look to me for matters of comfort, levels etc., please do not interfere, it is disrespectful, undermining and not welcome – I know what I’m doing, all this has been discussed with our model beforehand so I don’t need any help.
  20. As we don’t want the models time taken up with showing off your image gallery on your phone, avoid doing this unless it is a pose you’d like to use for inspiration.
  21. Avoid using your mobile phone whilst I’m addressing everyone, it’s very rude and dis-respectful. Should you need to use your phone, please leave the studio.
  22. This workshop is for attendees to get the best images we can provide and to take advantage of my experience, they cannot do this if they are continually faced with your tablet or mobile phone showing off your work, it is not your showcase, if you want to do that go and have an exhibition or do your own workshop, please don’t distract from what I’m doing.
  23. Props : Remember this is a group not an individual event, I’m trying to find a way to be fair to everyone regarding props, so let’s try this for now – you may use props as long as the model doesn’t have to change her clothing and it is done in your own allocated time.
  24. Models and Photographers : Discussing upcoming events, bookings and places at other studios, while you are here, is unprofessional – so please avoid doing this.

extra for models

  1. I’ve been working with models and model agencies for 40+ years – I know what I’m looking for and I have a pretty good idea what I’m doing, please remember this when speaking to me then we can treat each other with respect and get along fine!
  2. I love forming productive teams with models as this rewards us both with great images and enhances our reputations
  3. Your hard work and productive attitude will be very welcome here, attendees are vetted as much as possible to ensure that we do not have ‘dodgy’ photographers, so please, give the guys a chance, I will look after you as you’re comfort and well being is important to me
  4. I’m happy to pay good money for the right models and reserve the right to exercise my right to freedom of choice.
  5. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with someone, bring the matter to my attention immediately please, and I’ll sort it out.
  6. I will not tolerate any prima donna attitudes, I reserve the right to terminate the event should I feel the need. I know this will probably mean I get a ‘trial by facebook or purpleport’ but I really don’t care.
  7. You may not pass image taken here onto designers, jewellers etc for their free use, that’s not how it works. Whatever your agreement with them, it does not include my workshops, please do not take liberties.


  1. I do care about your experience and try to shape future events on the feedback and recommendations of attendees. If anybody has any problems with any aspect of their day here, or has any ideas for future improvements, please feel free to share them with me.
  2. I try to continually improve and resolve any issues that may arise amicably and sensitively and your assistance in this regard would be much appreciated. The last thing I want is anybody leaving an event dissatisfied, feeling that the only way they can voice their complaint is over the internet or on social media, putting both of us through a ‘trial by Facebook’.
  3. I will only pick up my camera when specifically needed e.g. a demonstration – maybe about working with your model.
  4. Any paid commercial use of images must be agreed by both model and photographer. i.e. T-Shirts, night club flyers, designers websites and printed advertising. Use on websites such as ‘Only Fans’ is not allowed for my images, however attendees may have a different approach.