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Mick Payton Studios : Photographers – by paying your deposit for your event you accept our terms and conditions – so please read them, they will help you to fit in and get the best from the day! Our aim is to provide you with a top quality experience!


Photographer Satisfaction:

On all our events (except one2one’s) everyone has timed one2one’s with our model, this ensures equal opportunity for everyone.

Time begins when the photographer has confirmed correct exposure and engages the model, instructions to the model can then be initiated. This will prevent people speaking for 5 minutes before their shoot begins. Timed one2one’s are described as ‘time in interaction with the model’ – not ‘time pressing the shutter’.

After your time is up, you can show the model your images for 1 minute while the next person is getting ready to start. You will have plenty of additional time during the event to get feedback on your images, from your model, as we understand that this feedback is important.

There will be more than one opportunity to shoot the arranged set-up by having several turns, this gives you chance to assess your images and refine them for your next turn.

While we are discussing the next set-up, the model will be included in this discussion and therefore is not to be distracted or asked to do ‘a couple more shots’ for one person, we all shoot together or not at all.

Do not take pictures of the model during other photographers time, this is annoying and unfair. If you need help with exposure, I can provide that assistance too.

Please do not monopolise the models time, everyone is paying equal amounts and are therefore entitled to equal opportunity.

Props : Remember this is a group not an individual event, I’m trying to find a way to be fair to everyone regarding props, so let’s try this for now – you may use props as long as the model doesn’t have to change her clothing, it is done in your own allocated time and the prop must be presented at the start of the set and be made available to everyone.

Please visit the models social media and PurplePort profile and make yourself aware of her levels, this will avoid any uncomfortable moments. If you are in doubt, ask me on the day and I’ll consult our model.

Lastly, if there are any problems do not address them yourself – that’s my job, tell me and I’ll sort it out.

Code of Conduct updated 12th Feb 2019

My primary aim is to provide a first class experience for all so that everybody goes away more than satisfied and would happily book or recommend future events. To this end I have consulted with a number of model and photographer attendees, as well as drawing upon my own extensive experience of model photography (37 years as a pro working for most of the UK’s top agencies amongst other clients) and running similar events, to put together a Code of Conduct.  
I appreciate that we’re all different and whilst some of us are outgoing and confident, others are more reserved. The Code will hopefully engender a spirit of mutual respect and fair treatment for all, resulting in a smooth running, productive and enjoyable event, with the model(s) feeling comfortable and all photographers receiving equal time and contact with the model(s).      

The Code consists of the following ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’, which are all pretty self-explanatory and generally just good professional etiquette:

Model Comfort and Safety:

  1. Please do treat the model with courtesy and respect at all times.
  2. Please don’t ‘hug’, ‘kiss’, ‘touch’, or invade the model’s personal space unless the model initiates it or invites you to do so.
  3. Please don’t attempt to flirt, discuss romantic matters or be sexually suggestive with the model(s), whether overtly or through the use of innuendos (double meanings).
  4. The model, at her/his discretion, may choose to give you their contact details; please don’t press for details over and above those provided.
  5. Please don’t contact the model before the event to ask for specific clothes, props, hair styles or make up. For a co-ordinated request from all, please do pass any requests through me.
  6. Any model that feels threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe as a result of anything or anybody at the event, please do refer the matter to me as it may be a simple misunderstanding; if needs be, we will take further action against any offender.
  7. Please do treat each other with courtesy and respect; don’t act macho. Do support and help each other – it’s a team effort, not a competition.
  8. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with someone or something, do speak to me – don’t take action yourself.
  9. Each photographer shall be given time to correct exposure, then 1 shot to check the result before their time starts. Please do so, thus ensuring that your time is fully usable.
  10. If you are not sure of your camera settings or anything else, please do ask – I’m happy to help and want you to have the best possible experience.
  11. Each photographer will normally have timed one2one slots with our model. Please respect the photographer’s allocated time and do not take shots from the side-lines or over their shoulders. When applicable, such as fashion on location, there may be times when a number of photographers shoot at the same time; these instances shall be clearly highlighted.
  12. Please do not ask for ‘just one more shot’ at the end of your allocated slot – it eats into everybody else’s time slot and is therefore unfair to your fellow photographers.
  13. In addition to your allocated 1:2:1 time, you can choose to seek feedback from your model for a short time if you wish, thus enabling you to adjust your framing, posing, composition. This would be 1 minute.
  14. Please do not ask to take photo’s of the model during her break or lunch.
  15. As the models are paid by us (Mick Payton Studios), they are subject to our care and hospitality. In the unlikely event of you having a problem with the model, please do refer the matter to us; do not try to address it with the model directly.
  16. Please do not try to be my assistant or try to tutor unless I ask, more than one person giving information is too confusing and not productive. If someone asks for your input then by all means give it.
  17. Please do not offer models lifts or transport without first consulting me, her safety and welfare are my responsibility while she’s here, and my concern while she’s travelling.


  1. I do care about your experience and try to shape future events on the feedback and recommendations of attendees. If anybody has any problems with any aspect of their day here, or has any ideas for future improvements, please do feel free to share them with me.
  2. I do try to continually improve and resolve any issues that may arise amicably and sensitively and your assistance in this regard would be much appreciated. The last thing I want is anybody leaving an event dissatisfied and feeling that the only way they can voice their complaint is over the internet or on social media – please don’t put either of us through a ‘trial by Facebook’.
  3. I will only pick up my camera when specifically needed e.g. a demonstration – maybe about working with your model.
  4. Any paid commercial use of images must be agreed by both model and photographer. i.e. T-Shirts, night club flyers, designers websites and printed advertising. Use on websites such as ‘Only Fans’ is not allowed for my images, however attendees may have a different approach.

Terms and Conditions :

Photographers and models : Please note that there is no studio involvement with agreements between models and photographers, other than stated in our T’s & C’s.

Copyright and image use are two different subjects : just because the copyright may be yours, it doesn’t mean that you can do as you like with the images, eg.: a case where a models images were sold for use on an adult dating website and in a national newspaper as adult chat-line ads, this caused the model some serious family problems!

If you are paying the model, as opposed to the studio, an agreement must be reached before the shoot regarding Model release Form details and the release signed after the images have been reviewed. This is up to you, we do not have, or want any jurisdiction in this as it is always the studio that pays the model.

MODELS PLEASE NOTE : When accepting the booking you are agreeing to our terms and conditions

1/ as you are being paid for contracting your service to us, myself or attendees are not obliged to send you any images, although they may do so out of good will it is not a requirement. Images MAY NOT be used for websites, or to advertise websites, such as OnlyFans, without prior aggreement with the photographer.

2/as you are being paid for your services, the attendees are entitled to use the images as they see fit, including for personal advertising via social media/ website/ unpaid online publications, providing that they are in keeping with your normal genre and don’t bring you into disrepute. They may not be used for any paid commercial use without prior agreement.

3/ commercial sale of images : this will be an agreement between the photographer and the model, neither party may take more than 50% of the profit from sales.

4/ in response to the recent trend of using our workshops to promote your sponsors/ brands, this practice is not allowed in our terms and conditions, you are being paid for your time and you may not use images from these workshops to promote sponsors and brands – let them pay us for use of images like everyone else does.

5/ you may not use my images for websites such as OnlyFans – this is not allowed!!

6/ you are obliged to turn up in a suitable condition for being photographed i.e. hair clean and tidy, nails clean and well presented, not mis-represented by over re-touched images. Should you mis-represent yourself I reserve the right to cancel the booking without any payment to you.


A Model Release Form : PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO ABIDE BY OUR MODEL RELEASE FORM YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN MODEL RELEASE FORM and this must be produced for approval by myself at least 21 days before the event. As this is already included as part of our T’s & C’s, our terms take overriding preference so make sure you read them. Models/ photographers are not obliged to sign a release after the event has finished. Any resulting disagreements after the event are between the model and the photographer and we will attempt to mediate but we are not legally resposible in any way.

A model release form is an agreement between the photographer and the model regarding :

1/ Who owns the copyright of the images

2/ Which images can be used

3/ The agreed use of the images which must be stated in the release agreement and/or agreed with Mick Payton.

4/ The model and photographer must both be in agreement with the usage and all details in the release form

5/ Permission for RETAIL use images must be agreed and a release/agreement signed by the photographer and the model, all parties must have a copy before any RETAIL use of images.

6/ States that images will not be used where they may bring the model into disrepute or defamation of character and are in keeping with the models regular work genre and ethics, both moral and professional, including wording of hashtag (#) use i.e #sexybitch

Disclaimer T’s & C’s : We reserve the right to cancel a photography event at our discretion within 7 days of the advertised date, with full refund of payments made. Should circumstances dictate that we need to change the model within 7 days, you have the option to cancel with refund or carry your deposit to another event. We are not professional caterers and as such all refreshment is taken at your own risk.

Photographers Bookings  : 

  1. If 3 email requests for payment have been sent out and not responded to, if 3 emails requiring a response regarding the studio day/workshop have not been responded to, if you have not paid by 7 days before the event.
  2. Deposits will be requested 14-28 days before the event, this is to cover our obligations regarding cancellation to the the models involved.
  3. 14 days notice is required to cancel a booking and obtain a refund of any deposit paid, subject to (4). Cancellations inside this time will result in forfeit of deposit unless I can re-sell the place.
  4. I will however, try to re-sell your place and if successful I’ll refund your deposit minus PayPal fees. Cancellations within 5 days will result in full workshop fee being charged.
  5. A deposit made soon after your booking being accepted will secure your place. Where there are multiple payments, each payment shall be treated as a deposit. Full payment may be requested up to 21 days before the booked date.
  6.  Once a deposit has been made, it falls under the conditions of (3,4) above.
  7. Failure to attend on the day of the event that the deposit has been paid for, will result in the final payment being charged.
  8. Should you default on our payment terms (1) we reserve the right to give your place to someone on the waiting list. Should this happen, we will deduct PayPal fees and an administration fee from any refund due.
  9. If you are a reserve for an event, please let me know if you book somewhere else on the same day and can’t make it, it only takes an email to update me.
  10. Inclement weather :
    PRIORITY CLAUSE : If the model(s) turn up they will be paid out of the deposits unless other conditions are decided upon, we have a commitment to pay models if they turn up – not out of my own pocket.
    (a) If the model(s) turn up it will be assumed that everyone else should be able to also, and the appropriate terms above on non-attendance will apply, extreme mitigating circumstances may be taken into account
    (b) If we cancel the event at the last minute and models are not paid (refer to our models cancellation terms) your deposit will be carried to another event of your choice.
    (c) In the event of extreme mitigating circumstances we my decide to mediate by offering you a last-minute place on another workshop.


PLEASE NOTE : We go to great lengths to advertise our events to ensure their success, our lengthy experience in this field has provided us with many insights regarding the feasibility of each event. If we feel that an event is not going to sell, we will, and reserve the right to, cancel the event. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.

Models are expected to make efforts to advertise the event i.e. PurplePort link, FaceBook, Instagram etc. We will advertise the event well in advance, if sales are poor we will cancel the event in good time to enable you to re-book the time somewhere else, so it’s up to you to help sell the event to your fans/followers etc. Reasonable communications are expected for which we’ll need your mobile number – we do not pass your number to anyone!

We offer you accommodation and food for the evening before an event if you are travelling a distance (2 evenings if it’s a weekend event) my wife and I are very hospitable and have been doing this for 30+ years. Bearing in mind that this arrangement saves you a lot of money and ensures your safety and convenience, we will therefore expect a certain amount of respect back, we will not appreciate it if you take offers from other sources which ‘piggy-back’ our events, e.g. working with another photographer the night you are staying with us, or arranging to dump your stuff at ours then go out with someone for the evening, this we feel is rude and lacking manners and we will cancel your booking and your fee will not be paid. We cannot extend this hospitality to your friend or partner, it is not a hotel, of which there are many nearby should you wish to use them instead.

photographers and models advice, copyright and image usage :

Workshops, Courses and Instructional Events :

Models please note : Images taken by Mick Payton during a paid booking will belong to him by intellectual copyright law and will be available for your own use. Any such images may also be used for his commercial gain, upon verbal agreement, where they do not bring the model into disrepute and are in keeping with the models regular work genre. Other event organisers may use these images to advertise you as long as my copyright is not removed.

1/ Images taken whilst under instructional circumstances, i.e. workshops, courses and events involving teaching and/or instruction on my part or a visiting tutor cannot be used for anything other than personal use, promotional advertising or business advertising and must be displayed in the correct context of the nature of the image and it’s origin. excluding : other parties paid photography instruction/workshops/studio events/and any other such paid events which constitute a conflict of business interest.  Mis-representation of the origin of the image(s) and their intended use, mis-representation of the creator of said images and any such infringements, without permission being given, will lead to legal action being taking by my management. I’m not a mug.

1a/ Images may not be sold, passed on or reproduced for personal or business financial gain without a written agreement and a model release form signed.

1b/ Images will not be used where they may bring the model into disrepute or defamation of character and are in keeping with the models regular work genre and ethics.

Model Shoots and Events with no Instruction i.e. Portfolio Builder:

1/ Copyright will remain with the photographer.

2/ May be used for personal/business advertising, i.e. photographic services,  excluding : paid photography instruction/workshops/studio events/and any other such paid events which constitute a conflict of business interest.  Mis-representation of the origin of the image(s) and their intended use, mis-representation of the creator of said images and any such infringements, without permission being given, will lead to legal action being taking by my management. I’m not a mug.

3/ Re-sale and commercial sales use is allowed only with prior agreement, which is usually allowed, other than exceptional circumstances i.e. no images may be used under any circumstances for adult websites, dating sites, advertising connected with adult industries, illegal activities or circumstances affecting the good reputation of Mick Payton Studios or the model, or bringing the aforementioned into disrepute. A release form is usually advisable.

3a/ A release agreement must be discussed before and concluded after the shoot.

3b/ Images will not be used where they may bring the model into disrepute or defamation of character and are in keeping with the models regular work genre and ethics.

If you approach all this professionally there is never a problem! Agree everything with the model beforehand, sign it all off after the shoot – everyone is covered and happy, no comebacks, easy!


Intellectual Property (IP) results from the expression of an idea. So IP might be a brand, an invention, a design, a song or another intellectual creation. IP can be owned, bought and sold.

Intellectual property guide from the UK Copyright Service.

Ownership of copyright works Ownership of copyright works may depend on the circumstances under which the work was created as this section explains

Creator and first owner
The CREATOR of an original copyright work is usually the first owner.

In the case of written (including software and databases) theatrical, musical or artistic (including photographic) works, the author or creator of the work is also the first owner of any copyright in it.  The only exception to this is where the work is made by an employee in the course of his or her employment. In some situations two or more people may be joint authors and joint owners of copyright.

Works created for an employer
The same rule does not apply for works created by an employee in the course of his employment.

Commissioned works
For some works the rule governing commissioned works changed in 1989.

Joint authors
A single work may be created and owned by more than one person.

Model release forms :

  1. An individual has certain rights to control the use of their image. The specific details will vary from one country to another depending on national legislation, although the general rule seems to be to protect a person against defamatory or offensive use of their image.If you intend to sell or distribute images that include people, then it is worth getting your subjects to sign a model release form as this will protect you against any comeback.
  2. search on Google for ‘Model Release Forms’ should reveal a number of example documents that you can use.




Copyright is a legal right—given automatically to authors of original literary, musical, visual, dramatic, artistic and other creative works and productions—to control copying, and therefore exploitation and activities such as publishing and posting on the web, of their works. This includes books, articles, reports, poetry, plays, music, paintings, photographs, illustrations, sculptures, text messages, games, web pages, videos and computer programs.

Creators of films, sound recording producers and broadcasters also receive copyright in their productions and performers receivesimilar rights in their performances. A person, a group of people, or a company can own a copyright.

Something becomes protected by copyright as soon as it is written down, drawn or recorded in some way. There is no requirement to register a copyright but it is good practice to mark
ownership using the © symbol, the owner’s name and the date of first publication.

The author of the work is the ‘first owner’ of copyright, unless the work is produced during the course of employment, in which case the first owner is normally the employer. Copyright in
freelance or commissioned work belongs to the author, unless the terms of a contract specify otherwise.

As author, you can ‘license’ or sell (‘assign’) some or all of your copyright. A licence may stipulate territory, media, duration etc. and whether on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, and it should be in writing but doesn’t have to be (unless exclusive) … but you remain the copyright owner.

An assignment must be in writing and means that, apart from moral rights to be identified as the author and to control changes to the work, you no longer have any rights or claim on the copyright as it has a new owner.

Even if it is readily available, to make use of someone else’s copyright work or performance you must have permission (and may have to pay a licence fee) unless your use is one of a limited set of exceptions such as those concerning fair dealing. You ask for permission by contacting the author or performer or an organisation that looks after permissions on their behalf.

Copyright in most kinds of work lasts for the lifetime of the author plus 70 years. After this time the work becomes freely