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Dan Snow Photography

I joined a shoot with Mick at his studio group workshop working with Elile Mae.

The session was professionally arranged and went like clockwork. Mick was informative and helpful and I certainly learnt a great deal during the session.

I thoroughly recommend Mick’s workshops at his studios. Photographers of all levels will learn something new. Mick encourages you to think about the images you are trying to capture and has years of professional experience. Also great value for money.

The model, Ellie Mae was spectacular and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Shot 2 months ago



Had a shoot with Mick today, it was my first time in front of a camera in a studio and I have to say that I was blown away by how welcoming, professional, in depth and talented Mick was. The studio and equipment shows the level of dedication and passion Mick has for his work, with his images reflecting this more so, and the compassion and care for the models in his care based on my experience is professional and accommodating. All around a great experience and I hope to see Mick again! Would definitely recommend

Shot 3 months ago


Mansoor Ali

I had my second photo shoot at Mick Payton Studios yesterday. It was brilliant. Mick was very helpful in getting my camera settings right. The model was Tanya Atherton who is one of the best models around. I got some excellent images and I hope to back there.

Shot 5 months ago



Had an incredible first experience working at Mick Payton studio this weekend.

Mick is very professional and looks after his models. Although the day was very chilled (especially for a group shoot of this kind), he had everything under control and made sure everyone in the room got the most out of their time at the studio.

Huge thanks to Sue too, who works behind the scenes and provides big emotional support. What a lady ❤️

Overall, very positive experience. I’ll be back as soon as I’m asked to and recommend to every model.

Thank you 😌


Shot 7 months ago


Elle Baldwinson

Worked at Mick’s studio for the first time this weekend. Mick and I spoke multiple times before the shoot which helped me to feel

comfortable and prepared for the weekend ahead. This was such a different experience for me and my modelling career so far,Mick is clearly a very knowledgeable and professional photographer and he knows what works well in photos,he pushed be throughout the weekend and broke down my usual comfortable modelling habits,it was definitely challenging but also refreshing to be pushed out of my comfort zone and shown,what felt like a whole new way to model. I definitely recommend working with Mick specifically for this as I genuinely feel like a better model after this experience. Mick provides lots of feedback and information which I will use in the future. Mick had a lovely warm studio that was great to work with,he had very talented and enthusiastic photographers come to the events,all which made me feel comfortable and were a pleasure to work with. Mick and Sue were extremely accommodating and were so kind enough to look after me during my stay. The images I’ve seen so far from Mick have been beautiful,they are so different for me and I love it! Couldn’t recommend more.

Shot 7 months ago



I made my way to Wales for a weekend of workshops at Mick’s studio and had the best time – didn’t want to leave!

Pre-comms were excellent, instantly got on with Mick which allowed us to create a plan for the weekend and contributed to us creating some awesome images I am totally blown away by.

Highly recommend Mick’s workshops to photographers. Very organised, great studio space and Mick has a lot of valuable knowledge to pass on to those attending! Mick creates a great atmosphere on his workshops, playing music, bringing a high energy, making sure photographers get enough time to shoot and throw in a hint of brilliant dancing too!

Massive thank you to Mick and Sue for having me for the weekend in their beautiful home.

Shot 9 months ago



I attended another excellent workshop at Mick Payton’s studio. He has a winning formula of booking top quality models, who often travel quite a distance, and timetabling multiple 1:1 and group shoots over the course of a weekend. This allows photographers the chance to shoot models, with whom they would not be able to work otherwise, for a very reasonable rate. Everything is set up for you, and tuition is available as appropriate, so all experience levels are catered for.

I know some of the events for next year are sold out already, which shows how well it works. I have no doubt I will attend more of his events in the future.

Highly recommended.

Shot last year


Anna B1989

Mick booked me for one of his workshop weekends in Wales and it was a fantastic experience. Mick’s pre-comms were excellent and his responses are always punctual. He and his lovely wife put me up for the weekend in their bungalow and they were both very chatty and great to get to know.

Mick is clearly a fantastic photographer, as evident from his work, and the way he passes that on to other photographers is wonderful. He worked really well with me, wasn’t afraid to talk to me and give me some great direction to help us get some great shots and great shots with the other photographers as well.

I’ll be back in April for another weekend! Thank you Mick

Shot last year


Rob W Jones

I have had the privilege of attending a number of workshops this year with Mick and everyone has been amazing.

The models (very high standard) have all been excellent, great to work with regardless of how confident/experienced you are. Mick is always there to offer support and guidance that makes you think about how you can develop and improve. The small groups and well set-up studio allow you to have plenty of time shooting, with the sessions being great value for money as a result.

Would I recommend Mick Payton Studios absolutely, already looking forward to next year…

Shot last year


Ashleigh Rae

Finally got to meet/work with Mick at one of his fantastic workshops (thank you for having me)

I did a 2 days, and although I was very poorly for the first day, I had a absolute blast.

The workshop/space I would recommend to photographers of all levels – organised to perfection, fair, great, fun atmosphere, and priceless knowledge from Mick!

Over the moon with the results.

Massive thanks to Mick, Sue and Zach for having me, and making me feel so welcome.

Cant wait to be back. Loved my time here! In fact I stayed a little longer than planned!

Shot last year


Ell Mae

Mick, Mick, Mick, would I recommend you? Yes, yes I bloody would!

Did 3 days of workshops and had the best time! We clicked instantly and had a great weekend together, so welcoming. I feel like leaving three refs, one for you one for Zach 🐕 and Sue! Ya’ll are all so fun to be around, I already can’t wait for our next weekend in November.

They are amazing 😉. 10000% recommend from me.

Shot last year



My first visit ti Mick’s studio. Bit of a trek, but worth it. Mick books great models, and does some great lighting set-ups. The workshop contained some educational components, but there was plenty of time to shoot. Mick was very happy to explain things, but equally happy to let everyone get on and shoot. Nice relaxed atmosphere throughout, and very obvious that the model felt 100 % comfortable working there. His events sell out pretty quickly, but if I can get a place on any future shoots, I will be back. Highly recommended.

Shot last year


S J Jinxx

I was invited to model for a group workshop for Mick and I feel absolutely honoured to have been a part of it.

To first communications to opening up their home to me, Mick and Sue have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and welcome.

On the shoot Mick’s years of experience really shine through, his ability to direct not just the model but the other photographers produces beautiful images and ensures the time is used effectively for everyone.

Mick was also able to snap a couple of images and I love them, such a keen eye and the talent to match !

I have absolutely loved my time here and I hope to be back again soon.

Thank you again Mick! X

Shot last year


Simon Reynolds

Had another great shoot at Mick’s

Mick was on hand to offer advice, demonstrating his methods and setting up the lighting, over the course of the day there were 8 different sessions during the day, plenty of time shooting with the model, all on a timer which ensures everyone gets the same time to work with the model, a couple of rounds on each session is the norm so you can pick the best image out of the first round and improve on it.

Professional, loads of experience, friendly and willing to help with all levels of photographer. Always a pleasure being at the studio with the models that Mick arranges for the sessions.

Each time I’ve been at Mick’s the shoot has been different ranging from fashion, portrait, glamour, avant-garde to name a few different styles.

Mick always gets in the best models for the shoots.

We (the photographers) are always asked to work with the model to generate different images rather than everyone getting the same image.

Highly recommended to all photographers and models

Shot last year



I had my first shoot at Mick’s studio in Mid Wales and it was brilliant. I booked on the four photographers and the model ( Elle Mae) package. We started at 10.00 and finished at 16.00 with 1 hr for lunch.

We are all kept on a timer to make sure no one has more than 3 minutes shooting with the model, which is fair for everyone.

I got 8, 3 minute sessions from the day. This takes in to account outfit changes and make changes different lighting set ups and Mick explaining what we need to look for when taking the shoots which is excellent, as Mick takes into account the different abilities the photographers have. I learnt a lot from the day.

It was great working with the other togs and we all got along fine throughout the day which was nice. If you see an event availability book early as they get book up quickly.

Shot last year


Victoria Bayliss

Shooting at Mick’s studio over a weekend of workshops was so much fun! Even better, we created the most stunning fashion / portrait shots which I have been given endless positive feedback on!

I was so glad Mick finally invited me to the studio! I had been seeing his work for years and knew we’d be a great model / photographer team.

Some of the images taken on the recent workshops have already got FPIs

All of his experience really shows in his photography work. I also loved the high energy that Mick brings to the photo shoots, there was never a quiet moment in the building. And if we weren’t chatting away we had the music playing to keep up the atmosphere!

The days went by very fast, we had very clear goals on which images we wanted to create!

I was super grateful for having a room to stay in as I was travelling, and I was also treated to a lovely kebab, I know models love to stay at Micks home. I’m sure his german shepherd is also waiting for me to come and see him again

I have some plans for another shoot at the studio in 2021, I’m really looking forward to returning.

Katie x

Shot last year



Had another shoot at Mick’s studio yesterday, this time with with Katie Royle.

Fantastic shoot, (Katie is a star!) and, as ever, Mick was on hand to offer advice, and demonstrate his methods. (For those of you of a competitive nature, be warned, Mick makes it look SO simple!) As usual, I came away from Mick’s grinning, with some great shots, and a mind spinning with new concepts.

Thanks Mick.

PS He also has seriously good taste in music!

Shot last year



I am really pleased with my shoot with Mick. He invited me to shoot in his studio in North Wales, and I spent 3 amazing days with Mick and his wife Sue. Mick perfectly organised the studio days, we had many fun, and the photos are just amazing. Mick gave me an opportunity to meet many new photographers, and he has everything in order. Mick is a great mentor, I just was really hapy to be a model in his studio, he inspires models to be better and reveals the strong sides of the them. Thanks Mick and Seu so much for such amazing weekend, and the separate thanks to all photographers with whom we had been shooting for these days. Mick gave them a perfect tutorial,he has an amazing personality. Looking forward for the next shoot in Mick’s studio😊

Shot last year



I’m sure I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the special thing about Mick on his workshops which not many teach is the engagement and communication with the model which is super important in photography. Mick’s direction and communication is so effective and I always learn something each time I go there. I keep hearing his voice ringing in my head on photoshoots still hahaha

Always an absolute pleasure working with Mick, highly recommend to all!

Shot last year



An assisted 4 hours shoot session with model Carla Monaco and Mick’s assistance, mostly in the form of a photo walk outdoors local to Mick’s place making use of natural light (and reflector and flash) but also including some window light work in Mick’s studio for the last hour. Considering this was only the second time shooting since easing of lockdown restrictions and a break of 15 months caused by the Covid pandemic this was an ideal way of getting back on track with shoots with models. Having gained from Mick’s expertise and influential enthusiasm in the past he was again a very helpful source of guidance to take my photography development forward. Thank you Mick for a very worthwhile assisted shoot, very highly recommended. And of course Carla (with whom I’d worked three times before) was the perfect model for what I wanted to achieve and I’ve come away with great images. I’ll enjoy selecting my favourites to upload onto my portfolio on here.


Paula W

I had an amazing weekend working with Mick at his workshop. The communication prior to the shoot was perfect. We have been exchanging messages but also talked on the phone which made it a lot easier when we finally met as this was our first time working together.

Mick is an amazing photographer, very talented and a professional. He has been in the industry for years, so he knows what to do for the shoot to be perfect. Mick has an amazing personality and he and Sue are very hospitable, and kind and I really enjoyed staying over with them 

I can’t wait to work with Mick again in October 

Highly recommend!

Shot last year


Phil Holroyd Photography

Great to be back a Micks Studio in Wales, Its a nice drive over from the Midlands and worth the drive.

Mick is always happy to to share his knowledge with you & help use his experience to help with the composition when required.

Look forward to the next shoot, Thanks Mick.

Shot last year


John Askey

Always great to see Mick at his studio. Mick has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is always happy to share them and aside from that he’s a nice bloke 😊.

Seriously, I would thoroughly recommend Mick’s studio to any photographers or touring models.

Cheers Mick, till next time.

Shot last year


Mansoor Ali

Yesterday I had my first photo shoot at Mick Payton Studio. It was the best photo shoot I’ve done so far. He was welcoming and was always available to guide me along the shoot. He’s an expert at producing the perfect images. The results I obtained from his tuition are some of the best photos I’ve ever taken. The model Tanya was is one of the best models to work with. All three of us had an enjoyable time, and the fact that Mick’s studio is in an insanely beautiful part of the country is an added bonus. I hope to be there again

Shot last year



I attended one of Mick’s one2one sessions taking pictures of the gorgeous, entertaining, thoroughly professional Tanya. I had a wonderful afternoon, came away with some excellent pictures and more importantly some more things to think about with my photography. It was great to spend the time with Mick and Tanya and be able to discuss studio work with like minded people. His sessions and his knowledge come highly recommended.

Shot last year



This was my first time attending one of Mick’s organised group events. He was most welcoming and was helpful in not just explaining about why he was using certain equipment but ensuring you as a participant were comfortable.

An enjoyable experience

Shot last year


Carla Monaco

I had a wonderful weekend working with Mick last week on a couple of 2-1 workshops and we also shot together ourselves.

I always have such fun working with Mick, loads of laughs, great images and great company.

Can’t wait to go back.

Thanks Mick.

Carla x

Shot 2 years ago


Raven Photographic

I have just had another great photo shoot at Mick Payton studios what this man doesn’t know about getting a great image isn’t worth knowing

A great tutor and shows you how to get the best out of the day

Models love to work with him and photographers love going there to learn

Highly recommended

Mick the photo god Payton thank you

Shot 2 years ago


Tegan Elizabeth

I’ve worked with Mick a few times now on his Assisted 1-2-1 workshops.

Communication prior to the workshops is always fab, and he always checks in with me to see if everything’s ok.

Mick has a wicked sense of humour and knows his stuff. He’s been in the industry for years so knows what works and what doesn’t.

Photographers travel from all over to work with him for this reason.

Mick & Sue are so hospitable and there’s always tea and cake too.

I would definitely recommend Mick, if you want some amazing images in your portfolio he’s your man and look forward to working with him again in September.

Shot 3 years ago



I’ve shot with Mick many times over the years and I always love coming back as its guaranteed a good laugh as well as getting awesome images.

Mick has a certain je ne sais quoi in capturing the mood and emotion of a model and getting the best out of them. He applies this importance of good communication into his workshops and working with him over the weekend I really noticed the difference in the photographers from the start of the shoot top the end of the shoot, everyone grew in confidence.

Mick’s is a lovely safe environment for models and Sue and the dog Zak are lovely too!

Highly recommend to all

Shot 3 years ago


Creative Focus

I went to Mick’s studio after explaining that I wasn’t new to photography just the studio/model environment. He arranged for an amazing model, Jenny O’Sullivan, to attend and the whole experience was incredible. Mick’s years of experience and expertise was very obvious throughout the session and I came away with plenty of food for thought. I would highly recommend Mick’s workshops because they are great value for money for his skills, knowledge and understanding. He’s also got a great personality so if you want to learn this is the place to be.

Cheers Mick and thanks. Keith.

Shot 3 years ago



Been working with Mick a few years now and I always feel so welcome. Mick is so lovely and makes shoots super fun with his top (okay) banter and wide and random variety in music haha. Also a top teacher who really knows his stuff.

The workshops always run so smooth, with a lovely group of photographers and the pictures always turn out amazing.

Always an absolute pleasure. Thanks Mick!

Shot 3 years ago


Scarlet Jones

Recently modeling for both a 1-2-1 event and workshop. Mick is amazing at what he does. Mick looks for things that not eveyone does , he really works with you as the model . Mick analysis you to get the most out of working with and knowiing the model to get the most out of the shoot . Mick also has a great varaition of helping the clients to learn and grow. Mick always creates great images and so do his cleints . Its a great space to be, proffesional and positive environment. Thank you for having me .


Shot 3 years ago



I had the chance to shoot with Mick at his studio alongside Ian Woodhouse.

After admiring Micks work for a long while it is safe to say I was rather looking forward to shooting with him.

I had a wonderful and relaxed shoot with amazing pre-comms. Mick is respectful, likes to have a laugh and is lovely. We got some fantastic images and I cant wait to be back at the studio to see Zak the dog and him.

Thank you, see you soon!

Shot 3 years ago



Had another great shoot at Mick’s studios last month. Mick manages to combine a dry and mischievous brummie sense of humour with the uncanny ability to make taking stunning photographs look easy. He has an unbelievable eye for detail, and is happy to share the knowledge he has accumulated from his years as a photographer.

Shot 3 years ago


Rebecca Perry

I modelled for Mick at his recent photography workshop in Wales & What a pleasure it was! I cannot recommend Micks events enough!

Fantastic pre shoot communications, everything planned/organized smoothly.

Also very personable on the shoot and we had some fantastic conversations during the session which helped keep things relaxed. If you shoot with Mick you will get 1.An enjoyable fun shooting! 2. Great comms, 3. Excellent on set experience, 4.Excellent images he is very respectful and a lovely person.

Thank you very much for a brilliant workshop Mick & I look forward to working with you again in 2020!

Shot 3 years ago



Today was one of those wickedly memorable days…such a warm welcome awaited me as I turned up early this morning to Mick’s studio…I was quite happy to sit in my car until my correct time but Mick came and fetched me….and from there on in, the day just got better and better. Mick is a superb photographer and great coach…he really helped me think about my camera’s controls differently and not to be shy about speaking up and ensuring you get the image you want. Learned loads and got some great images to work with…thank you so much for your kindness, good humour, hospitality and superb advice and guidance…I hope to come back and see you soon

Shot 3 years ago


Amelia Mary

Its always such a pleasure working with Mick. Needless to say I love staying with him, Sue and cutest doggo around Zak. But ofcourse from a creatives point of view the fact he is an AMAZING photographer and studio owner would be the only reason you need to visit.

Ive know Mick for a couple of years or so now and Im so lucky and grateful his AWESOME studio members keep wanting me back. We always have such a fun day a long with everyones input to create the best images possible. Mick ensures that, with his endless experience, top range of equipment and stunning portfolio of work that is an honour to be a part of. I always love so many images. Mick is truly a master of his craft.

Thank you for having me, can’t wait to create more magic with you for as long as you’ll allow it 

So yeah if you haven’t already gathered. Top notch, all round skilled photographer and person. 100 out of 10. Highly recommended.

Shot 4 years ago


mal_cole photography

Today was my first shoot at Micks but it certainly won’t be my last, from start to finish it was top drawer, he took time to explain things thoroughly and explained where i could do things better if he thought it wasn’t quite right, he was always keen to help and nothing was too much trouble, I honestly can’t think of a better photographic learning day that i have attended and I’ve been to quite a few, highly recommend and i can’t wait to go back even though its a 4 hour round trip for me.

once again thank you for an amazing day.

Shot 4 years ago


Tegan Elizabeth

When Mick approached me to do one of his workshops I immediately said yes. His work is awesome!!

Having worked with him a few times now, I can safely say that he is one of the easiest photographers to get along with, pre shoot communication is always thorough, he’s friendly and professional and I know that the images he provides me with are always going to be an asset to my portfolio.

I would definitely recommend him and hope to work with him again on the future.

Shot 4 years ago