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Models travelling : Your comfort is important to us! If you are travelling a long way, we are prepared to offer you accommodation and meals free of charge, this courtesy does not extend to partners or other people accompanying you, neither will they be able to attend the event – unless your age dictates the need for a parent or guardian, or you bring a MUA (must be previously arranged) Alternativley, there are B&B’s close by at your own expense. There are many models that have stayed with us over the last 40 years so feel free to contact them for references. 

I will make every attempt to sell our workshops that you are booked for, your help is expected and appreciated. If we cannot sell enough places to make the workshop viable, I will give you adequate notice,

Photographers : Please visit the models social media and PurplePort profile and make yourself aware of her levels, this will avoid any uncomfortable moments. If you are in doubt, ask me on the day and I’ll consult our model.

F.P.I.’s and Image value : Unlike some other studios, I don’t claim your FPI’s from our workshops as my own, I don’t need them, they don’t pay my mortgage, they’re no real judge of value to me. So when I refer to the workshop F.P.I.’s I mean the collective of everyone’s, when I refer to my F.P.I.’s I mean my own personal ones. Throughout my professional career the only worth of an image has been whether someone will buy it. Of course, simple aesthetic and personal satisfaction plays it’s part too.

We cannot be held responsible for any cancellations, including last-minute, due to Covid19 or adverse weather conditions. Please make sure you read the T’s&C’s – they’re for everyone’s benefit!


use the links or call me to register 07739 964711

All events are open to booking for :
1/ Workshop, 10am – 4pm, 4 people only, with timed one2one’s £115 per person
2/ 4 hour two2one or one2one total cost £230
suitable for photographers of any level of experience – we’ll look after you!


TANYA MODELE – 1 place open for either:

Saturday August 20th – 10am-4pm – 4 people only – £115.00


Sunday August 21st – 10am-4pm – 4 people only – £115.00

miss dynamic herself!
working fashion, dynamic, paint etc.



Tanya Modele PurplePort

Tanya Modele Instagram

Please register me for Tanya Saturday!

Please register me for Tanya Sunday!


SEPTEMBER 3rd and 4th


2 places open, 10am-4pm : £115.00 for either

 Saturday September 3rd

Sunday September 4th



Please let me know asap guys!


 September 10th/11th


Saturday September 10th – 10am-4pm – 4 people – £115


Sunday September 11th – 10m-4pm 4 people – £115


Ruena Instagram

Please register me for Ruena!

Ruena is new to us and is a very accomplished girl! Just look at that powerful, raw, art nude shot – how can you resist this event!?


SEPTEMBER 17th and 18th

CARLA MONACO! – 2 places open for either:

Saturday September 17th – 10am-4pm – 4 people – £120


Sunday September 18th – 10am-4pm – 4 people – £120

She needs no introduction, working 60’s glam, Bardot and hopefully Bonnie and Clyde with vintage car! Don’t miss this one!

Carla Instagram

Please register me for Carla Saturday!

Please register me for Carla Sunday!




1 place open £115 – for either :

Saturday 1st October 10am – 4pm, 4 people only


Sunday 2nd October 10am – 4pm, 4 people only




please register me for Anna!





Saturday 8th October 10am – 4pm, 4 people only

1 place open at £115 – for

Sunday 9th October 10am – 4pm, 4 people only


Images from this weekends workshops :


Elle PurplePort

Elle Instagram

Please register me for Elle! 




SOLD OUT – taking reserves for either :

Saturday 15th October 10am – 4pm, 4 people only – £115pp

Sunday 16th October 10am – 4pm, 4 people only – £115pp


Mia Instagram

Please register me for Mia!




Ashleigh Rae!

November 12th and 13th – 2 places open for either:

Saturday November 12th – 10am-4pm – 4 people – £115pp


Sunday November 13th – 10am-4pm – 4 people – £115pp


Ashleigh PurplePort

Please register me for Ashleigh Saturday!

Please register me for Ashleigh Sunday!



November 19th and 20th – 1 place open for either:

Saturday November 19th – 10am-4pm – 4 people – £115pp


Sunday November 20th – 10am-4pm – 4 people – £115pp


Following an amazingly successful workshop, I’m looking for a place to fit in another event with Xenia Model – possibly 19th/ 20th November – please let me know your availability for this (without cancelling any of your events already booked please!) before she books somewhere else guys!!!


We’ll also bemaking full use of Xenia’s styling and makeup skills for some unique images!



Who else but FPI Machine ELLIE MAE MALLINSON!!

1 places open for either:

Saturday November 26th – 10am-4pm – 4 people only – £115 per person


Sunday November 27th – 10am-4pm – 4 people only – £115 per person



Please register me for Ellie!


DECEMBER 3rd & 4th – £115.00



Working to art-nude

1 palce open for either

Saturday 3rd Dec 10am – 4pm – 4 people only


Sunday 4th Dec 10am – 4pm, 4 people only

Please have a look at Aurora’s PurplePort and Instagram portfolio – she really is a star! I’ve been trying to organise a date with her for 6 months and I thought you may like a last-minute event with this particular model! Please let me know asap or I’ll lose the date!


Aurora Instagram

Aurora PurplePort

Please register me for Aurora!


Working to art-nude.



I use a Sony A1 with the Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art and the Sony 70-200 f2.8 GM – this kit will be avaiable for you to try!!

my message to you :

There’s a different approach to shooting art and shooting for awards/ competitions – one has rules, the other doesn’t, art is in the mind of the creator only, no-one else can judge the result except to like it or dislike it. I lean towards the art side at our Presteigne studio, however, I know a bit about the other side too!

I do my best to provide a quality experience on my events, I’m not God with a camera but after 38 years of professional photography I have a few tips and tricks to pass on. I have my own way of conducting these events and will fit in with your needs as best I can to assist you to get your best images ever! During my assistance, I will take a few images to further the progress, by way of illustrating lighting setup or for a practical demonstration, such as working with your model, to help you to get your best results – it’s part of how I assist!

Let me just point something out – I can demonstrate a point in approx 3 minutes, where it would take approx 10 minutes to explain, this gives you more shooting time, (do you learn better by reading instructions or by practical, hands-on demonstrations?) With this applying to lighting, exposure, framing, working with your model etc., etc, work this out for yourself over a period of 4-5 hours – a lot of time saved and the demonstrations made in a more useful way!! This time saved is for you to use to take more pictures!!

However, the images I may take – if I do post any – will NOT be posted to social media or PurplePort until enough time has passed for you to use your images. If you would prefer that I don’t take any images – JUST SAY, I have thousands already!  If you don’t like how my working methods sound – then you don’t have to come here, it’s your choice. I can’t be any more open that this.

Note to models : In response to the recent trend of using our workshops to promote your sponsors/ brands, this practice is not allowed in our terms and conditions, you are being paid for your time and you may not use images from these workshops to promote sponsors and brands without my permission – let them pay us for use of images like everyone else does.

please note : we don’t do adult, soft porn, or any distasteful images, we promote a high standard of behavior and respect to everyone.

ASSISTED WORKSHOPS : 4 photographers and a model (of our usual high standard of course!) 10am-4pm with 1 hour lunch (which you provide yourself, we’ll provide tea & coffee) this allows more shooting time and individual assistance. All workshops incorporate timed one2one’s with our model to ensure equal opportunity per photographer. Enjoy the social learning advantage too, chat to others about camera’s, lighting, get tips from how others work etc. etc! These events are aimed at the serious photographer looking to progress and work with models, assistance available when required.


click here to register for our event updates newsletter


beauty lighting and re-touching workshops :


The plan : With a top model, makeup artist and myself, we’ll show you how the team put together the ideal setting, lighting and makeup for 4 top class beauty shots! A Sunday workshop, 10am – 4pm – last hour is re-touching – with 1 hour lunch, 4 people only for maximum benefit to each, just £135.00 per person.

The summary : Everyone has their own ideas about re-touching, when, where, how much, what technique etc. etc. Read about my take on it and see if you like the way it sounds. There’s every degree of re-touching going on, from ultra smoothed skin, specific gel techniques, digitally textured and so on. My preference’s are job specific, with standard beauty shots it’s just enough re-touching to be flattering without looking fake or altering the model’s appearance, so changing the shape of someone’s face is not a preferred method to me – I’d sooner change the model to one with a face shape I want to work with. Some skin needs a lot of work and will end up very smooth with an even texture all over, this again is not my chosen preference but I appreciate the need and will do it when necessary. For me, as natural as possible is my favourite, even so, I will use a little soft focus if I think it will enhance the end result, super-sharp is not always the best either. So, it’s image specific – but with reservations about certain aspects already mentioned, if this sounds good to you, then jump on board a workshop! Free actions too – all the ones I use!


The samples : Have a look at the following examples covering a few different beauty shots