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Model Safety : My wife enjoys looking after visiting models and having a girly chat, during workshops there are always people present including my mua/ stylist, our prime concern is you being comfortable so we all get the best results and you have a good time! I cannot be expected to know the character and background of all attendees, so if there are any photographers you have a personal problem with, let me know and I’ll make sure they are not here. Should they be considered a danger, if they are registered with my studio I WILL remove them from my register immediately!

Why my workshops? – There are many different kinds of workshops around, some leave you to it, some provide the set, the clothes, the lighting all ready for you. Myself, I provide the studio/ location, the lighting, the model, and the passion! You have to work for your results – this way you achieve something, with my help if needed, not just by photographing someone else’s setup. Creating good images involves good lighting – always set up by myself – and teamwork with our model, whereas creating amazing images needs something more, it’s this ‘extra’ that sets my workshops apart – that key ingredient for me is emotional content.  Crafting an emotional story with your model is something most people can learn if they want to, it’s something I can demonstrate and guide you through – as much or as little as you want! AND, you don’t needs thousands of pounds worth of kit to do it! More about me here

Basic workshop info: workshops are 10am-4pm with 1hr lunch, only 4 people per workshop, shooting turns are timed for equal opportunity with time between your turns to review your images and improve for your next go. These are not point and shoot events – our aim is to help you to construct amazing images, with the emphasis on working with your model! Full info link above. I’m pleased to say that I have now booked Ray Jessi mua/ stylist for every Saturday event next year, except for Olga Solo, where Jess will be here on the Sunday!

On days with my MUA/Stylist RayJessi, I personally subsidise costs to appreciate her true value.

Photographers and models : You must not, unless permission is given by myself or Jessica, (MUA) record, video or photograph her products or makeup processes, or my lighting and setup, at any time. With the current trend of models running their own workshops, any canvassing of my attendees will result in sending you away without pay.

PLEASE NOTE : we are not a fetish or glamour studio, there are studios around that cater for that, we do edgy fashion, editorial, commercial and beauty

Bookings now available for a 10am – 4pm two2one workshop, 2 photographers, model and me for a more comprehensive learning opportunity at just £195.00pp!

Special offer for people already booked on an event – you can book the 2nd day, of the same event, for just £60!!

Cancellations, where the £65 deposit has become forfeit, will be made available to everyone at £60 or £80 depending whether my MUA is attending


BOOKING NOW : please register me for

May : Ashleigh Rae                instagram profile
Saturday 25th + RayJessi mua/stylist, 4 people only – sold out :  £145.00
Sunday 26th, 4 people only – sold out : £125.00

June : Lydia Clifford                    instagram profile
Saturday 8th + RayJessi mua/stylist, 4 people only – sold out :  £145.00
Sunday 9th, 4 people only – sold out : £125.00

June : Darcie Louise Model            instagram profile
Saturday 22nd + RayJessi mua/ stylist, 4 people only – sold out : £145.00
Sunday 23rd 4 people only – 1 place open : £125.00

July : Katey Spink                    instagram profile
Saturday 6th + RayJessi mua/stylist, 4 people only – sold out :  £145.00
Sunday 7th, 4 people only – sold out : £125.00

July : Olga Solo                    instagram profile
Saturday 27th, 4 people only – 1 place open : £125.00
Sunday 28th, + RayJessi mua/stylist, 4 people only –  sold out :  £145.00

August : Anna Britton                    instagram profile
Saturday 10th + RayJessi mua/stylist, 4 people only – sold out :  £145.00
Sunday 11th 4 people only – sold out : £125.00

September : Elle Baldwinson                instagram profile
Saturday 14th + RayJessi mua/stylist, 4 people only – sold out :  £145.00
Sunday 15th, 4 people only – 1 place open : £125.00

September : Katey Spink                    instagram profile
Saturday 28th + RayJessi mua/stylist, 4 people only – sold out :  £145.00
Sunday 29th, 4 people only – 1 place open : £125.00

October : Lydia Clifford                    instagram profile
Saturday 12th + RayJessi mua/stylist – TBC, 4 people only – sold out :  £145.00
Sunday 13th, 4 people only – 1 place open : £125.00



my references here

my message to you :

There’s a different approach to shooting art and shooting for awards/ competitions – one has rules, the other doesn’t, art is in the mind of the creator only, no-one else can judge the result except to like it or dislike it. I lean towards the art side at our Presteigne studio, however, I know a bit about the other side too!

I do my best to provide a quality experience on my events, I’m not God with a camera but after 38 years of professional photography I have a few tips and tricks to pass on. I have my own way of conducting these events and will fit in with your needs as best I can to assist you to get your best images ever! During my assistance, I will take a few images to further the progress, by way of illustrating lighting setup or for a practical demonstration, such as working with your model, to help you to get your best results – it’s part of how I assist!

Let me just point something out – I can demonstrate a point in approx 3 minutes, where it would take approx 10 minutes to explain, this gives you more shooting time, (do you learn better by reading instructions or by practical, hands-on demonstrations?) With this applying to lighting, exposure, framing, working with your model etc., etc, work this out for yourself over a period of 4-5 hours – a lot of time saved and the demonstrations made in a more useful way!! This time saved is for you to use to take more pictures!!

Note to models : In response to the recent trend of using our workshops to promote your sponsors/ brands, this practice is not allowed in our terms and conditions, you are being paid for your time and you may not use images from these workshops to promote sponsors and brands without my permission – let them pay us for use of images like everyone else does.

please note : we don’t do adult, soft porn, or any distasteful images, we promote a high standard of behavior and respect to everyone.

ASSISTED WORKSHOPS : 4 photographers and a model (of our usual high standard of course!) 10am-4pm with 1 hour lunch (which you provide yourself, we’ll provide tea & coffee) this allows more shooting time and individual assistance. All workshops incorporate timed one2one’s with our model to ensure equal opportunity per photographer. Enjoy the social learning advantage too, chat to others about camera’s, lighting, get tips from how others work etc. etc! These events are aimed at the serious photographer looking to progress and work with models, assistance available when required.


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Models : You should provide, when asked, unretouched, up to date images of yourself, face and figure (clothed but showing figure is adequate) to enable me to assess your suitability. You are obliged to turn up in a suitable condition for being photographed i.e. hair clean and tidy, nails clean and well presented, not mis-represented by over re-touched or old images. If you fall short of these requirements, which you are being well paid for and are basic standards for professional models (meaning paid to do the job and expected to maintain a standard appropriate) I reserve the right to dismiss your services without payment and send you home.

Models travelling : Your comfort is important to us! If you are travelling a long way, we are prepared to offer you accommodation and meals free of charge, this courtesy does not extend to partners or other people accompanying you, neither will they be able to attend the event – unless your age dictates the need for a parent or guardian, or you bring a MUA (must be previously arranged) Alternatively, there are B&B’s close by at your own expense. There are many models that have stayed with us over the last 40 years so feel free to contact them for references. 

I will make every attempt to sell our workshops that you are booked for, your help is expected and appreciated. If we cannot sell enough places to make the workshop viable, I will give you adequate notice,

Photographers : Are you a technical by-the-numbers photographer, or a seat-of-the-pants instinctive photographer? Personally, being retired from client based work, I shoot for myself and the model, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I can assist – or you can do it all yourself – just let me know what you want from your experience here! Please visit the models social media and PurplePort profile and make yourself aware of her levels, this will avoid any uncomfortable moments. If you are in doubt, ask me on the day and I’ll consult our model. I cannot guarantee that specific sets will be available on the day, such as cafe, church etc., I can only plan and do my best. Please do not contact the model with your personal needs as our model is working with 4 people, not just you, should you want something specific you should contact me as the organiser.

Photographers, please make sure we suit your needs before you book an event here, we shoot Vogue style edgy fashion, commercial, lingerie, alternative and art nude, images with emotional content. We don’t do suits of armour, birds of prey, post-apocalyptic or castles and mansions, these images are very different to what we do and there are other studios that cater for this. For me, the model makes the image – not props – however : you can easily insert your own backgrounds and props.