Camera and lens:

Like many photographers I’ve changed equipment so many times over the years, starting with good old-fashioned film and probably finishing my career with digital – unless something else comes along soon! I’m not a technical expert so my opinions are from usage experience mostly.

Last equipment : Nikon D850 with Sigma 85mm Art. A stunning combination that I’m sure needs no explanation – but so heavy!!

 Current equipment : Sony A7R4 with Sony 85mm f1.8 FE. At about a third the weight of the Nikon combination it’s much easier to carry around and makes this combination my favourite to date in the weight/ease of manipulation area. Many people complain about the Sony menu system, me personally, after initial setup, I don’t need to use it again because I find everything I need easily at my fingertips. Setting this camera up does take time but it’s worth it, I can switch the most frequently used items while shooting. The lens is very light, but quite sturdy and quiet, pretty fast focussing and vey accurate. Sharper in the centre at larger apertures (F1.8 – F2.8) then balancing out progressively with smaller apertures, it’s a very nice lens to use – but I do miss the sharpness of the Sigma! The Sony 85mm f1.4 GM at £1500 is a little too old and expensive for me, it needs updating.

 Shooting people only, I find this combination ideal for myself, I would like to add a 135mm lens for location use though. The files are huge so I cull very heavily, which has turned out to be a bonus as it’s encouraged me to pay more attention to detail when actually shooting – I’m a firm believer in shoot it don’t photoshop it. You can crop heavily should you, for example, have a half lenth shot that the face and expression alone is too good to miss, the resulting file still being big enough for most uses. Switching from Nikon to Sony was a massive move for me as mirrorless cameras were a totally unknown quantity, but, I must admit, I’m happy with the switch!

 I’m just about to try the new Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN – built totally for mirrorless cameras and very light – watch this space!

Lighting :

Elinchrom and Profoto, write up soon!