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Foreword – I’m very passionate about my photography and I love passing on knowledge, tips and techniques, so please understand if I’m somewhat enthusiastic! I only ask that you try what I suggest, I’m not saying I’m right or wrong, just things for you to try! We are all still learning! I have particular set of criteria for choosing a model, it’s not about looks and figure (we take that as given) it’s about the X-factor in their eyes and body language. Please make sure you know what we do before you book, all the info you need is here:

What we do best :

  • Vogue style edgy fashion, commercial, lingerie, alternative & fine art
  • shoot strong images with impact and emotional content!
  • provide the best models available – as this makes a huge difference!
  • supply the tools and facilities you need to get your best images!
  • conduct an enjoyable, productive and value for money experience
  • visit the image gallery to see what we do

What we don’t do :

  • no mansions, castles or bedroom sets
  • no glamour, fetish or gratuitous images
  • we don’t have an armoury, no swords, suits of armour etc
  • no angels wings or birds of prey
  • no post-apocalyptic cities
  • these things are just not us, many studios around have the proper facilities to do this.
However, you can use your images taken at my studio and insert your own backgrounds easily – we’ve got that covered!

Please make sure
we suit your needs before you book an event here, we shoot Vogue style edgy fashion, commercial, editorial, lingerie, alternative and art nude, images with emotional content. We don’t do suits of armour, birds of prey, post-apocalyptic or castles and mansions, these images are very different to what we do and there are other studios that cater for this. For me, the model makes the image – not props. However : you can easily insert your own backgrounds and props – we have this covered!

Studio aims Events are centered around the model, atmosphere and emotional content being the whole product, so make sure our purist style suits you before you book an event! We don’t use a massive studio with sets, that’s not our direction, our studio caters for fashion based imagery with impact. We don’t provide totally set-up and finished images that you just press the shutter to copy, we give you the basic ingredients for you to produce your own shots in your own style, using your own creativity to capture personally tailored images that show your individual style at it’s best. Some of our attendees are very adept at inserting different backgrounds and use their images from here as a base to excel with their edited images too!

Our models, levels and stylesOur main genre’s are : fashion incl edgy Vogue style, commercial, lifestyle and editorial. We sometimes shoot artistic nude and classy glamour – we are not a glamour studio and we don’t have bedroom or other sets, please visit the image gallery to see exactly what we do and make sure it’s what you want. We make every effort to find models both new to us and new to the industry, as well as re-booking models that you have requested for a return booking. We’re also happy to have a look at models that you request!

Workshop/ portfolio builder – 4 photographers and a model (of our usual high standard of course!) 10am-4pm with 1 hour lunch (which you provide yourself, we’ll provide tea & coffee) this allows more shooting time and individual assistance (where requested). All workshops incorporate timed one2one’s with our model to ensure equal opportunity per photographer, time decided by attendees, with this repeated with each set until everyone is happy with their results, this allows everyone time to assess their results and fine tune them for their next turn, then we move on to the next set. I have evolved this method over the years and it has proved to be the best way! Enjoy the social learning advantage too, chat to others about camera’s, lighting, get tips from how others work etc. etc! These events are aimed at the photographer looking to progress and work with models, assistance available when required. Try out many different lighting set-ups and try your own suggestions too, your input is welcome! We use Pixapro Storm III lighting which will do stroboscopic as well as multi frame shooting up to 10 frames/ second, these are even fast enough to freeze liquid in motion! We also have some amazing locations nearby, weather permitting of course. Suitable for any level of experience! Please note that we are not a bedroom glamour type studio!

Two2one and one2one –  as above but usually 4 hours with one photographer or two photographers (that’s up to you to specify your needs) giving you more opportunity to develop your own ideas, have individual attention and get unique images.

Enjoying your photography is key!our aim is to provide you with an enjoyable and rewarding event! Whether it’s providing you with the tools to do your own thing – or a full-on tutorial workshop, it’s up to you to decide how much input you want, and how much you input yourself on the day, we welcome ideas and suggestions!

Booking – once you’d decided to book an event – by email, personal message or phone call – your name will be put on the attendance list, you do not need to do anything else – however far in the future the event is – except to put it in your own diary! Approx 21 days before the event you will receive a PayPay request for a deposit, this must be paid to secure your place. Should you have changed your mind please let me know so I can re-sell your place. The remaining balance is cash on the day please. Please read the brief T’s & C’s regarding bookings at the foot of my emails, you can read the full T’s & C’s here

Constructing an Image – A photographic image is like a jigsaw and requires many parts to come together to make it work (lighting, posing, model etc). We can help with every one of these pieces offering as much or as little support as you feel you need. It is not a test or a competition, there are no wrong questions, we want our workshops to be as enjoyable and informative as possible.

Our aim – is to provide the means for you to get your best images ever! 4 photographers and a model (of our usual high standard of course!) 10am-4pm with 1 hour lunch, this allows more shooting time and individual assistance. All studio days incorporate timed one2one’s with our model to ensure equal opportunity per photographer. Enjoy the social learning advantage too, chat to others about camera’s, lighting, get tips from how others work etc. etc! With top models, studio facilities, lighting equipment, locations & assistance, we arrange studio days, workshops and private, assisted one2one and two2one events! These events are aimed at the serious photographer looking to progress and work with top models, assistance available when required. We use Profoto and Elinchrom lighting, the former allowing shot’s such as freezing water in motion, multiple burst rate etc., the best studio flash available. The best events for photographers! You provide lunch yourself, we’ll provide tea & coffee!


To support these aims, I do my best to supply models that are capable of expressing your ideas and can deliver an image with atmosphere NB. they also have plenty of experience themselves and their input can often take the shoot to the next level. I also try to hire models that take very little post-processing as I see part of the art being in the photography setup and execution, less in the post processing. That’s because this is my style, its neither right or wrong so please don’t feel any pressure around this. If asked, I won’t tell you how to do your shots – I’ll tell you how I do it, be it right or wrong.

There’s a different approach to shooting art and shooting for awards/competitions – one has rules, the other doesn’t, art is in the mind of the creator only, no-one else can judge the result except to like it or dislike it. We lean towards the art side, however, I know a bit about the other side too and we have had many global competition awards earned by our attendees!

For : photographers of all levels of skill and experience, beginners – we’ll help! Pro’s – we’ll assist you!


“A great image will invoke an emotional response, it will draw the viewer into the experience” Mick Payton


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phone: 07739 964711