events for photographers, with top models, in Presteigne Wales


studio days, workshops, one2one & two2one events, for photographers, with top models!


there’s no better way to spend your day than with a couple of like-minded photographer friends and a top model – pure therapy!


A private, select studio, we aim to provide the best models available!


Constructing an Image – Our aim is to provide the means for you to get your best images ever! With studio days, workshops and private, assisted one2one and two2one events with top models, studio facilities, lighting equipment (profoto – fast enough to freeze water in motion perfectly!), locations & assistance! We can supply all the pieces of the puzzle, we can assist you to put them together – but it’s down to you to provide the end result for yourself!

Studio – Our events are centered around the model and atmosphere being the whole product, so as we’re not big fans of loads of unnecessary props make sure our purist style suits you before you book an event! We don’t use a massive studio with sets, that’s not our direction, our studio caters for fashion based imagery, we don’t have bedroom sets, dressing tables etc.

To support these aims, I do my best to supply models that are capable of expression and can deliver an image with atmosphere. I also try to hire models that take very little post-processing as I see the art being in the photography, not in the post processing – which I can see the purpose of in some applications – however my main aim is the photograph, you can edit as you wish the images you take. If asked, I won’t tell you how to do shots – I’ll tell you how I do it, be it right or wrong.

There’s a different approach to shooting art and shooting for awards/competitions – one has rules, the other doesn’t, art is in the mind of the creator only, no-one else can judge the result except to like it or dislike it. We lean towards the art side, however, I know a bit about the other side too and we have had many global competition awards earned by our attendees!

For : photographers of all levels of skill and experience, beginners – we’ll help! Pro’s – we’ll assist you!


Reference : I don’t usually put PurplePort references on my website, but I’m so happy with this one from Ace model Pippa Doll : ”I’m sure I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the special thing about Mick on his workshops which not many teach is the engagement and communication with the model which is super important in photography. Mick’s direction and communication is so effective and I always learn something each time I go there. I keep hearing his voice ringing in my head on photoshoots still hahaha
Always an absolute pleasure working with Mick, highly recommend to all!” – Thanks so much Pippa!

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